Who am I?


I'm Enrique Ortiz. Nice to meet you! I'm a Software Developer, Musician, and life tinkerer living in the Dominican Republic.

I enjoy experimenting with and learning new things constantly—those are the things I'd say I do somewhat well, at least. These involve mainly web technologies. On my day job at Pocket Network, I apply this knowledge and maintain user-facing products such as the Dashboard, Wallet and Block Explorer. Call that full-stack, if you will.

When not at my day job, I like listening, collecting and making music. I play guitar and bass, and I'm a huge fan of artists like Enya, Tycho and Judas Priest. My "artist" name is Evalir, which has also become my username on the internet for, well, pretty much everything?

I also really like being outdoors, doing extreme sports, reading, and doing whatever random and interesting thing comes up at the time. It's all about having fun, and learning throughout the way.