Hi! I am Enrique, and I'm happy you're here. I'm a 21 year old from the Dominican Republic and I also live there, making interfaces for the web and software in general.

I like to think, read and do things related (but not limited to) life extension, music, the web and open source movement, crypto, design, different cultures and places, adrenaline, writing, photography, experimentation, learning, human coordination, space, and any other thing life has to offer at this particular moment in time. I like doing things that feel magnetic to me, and these are the ones which have the biggest particular effect on me as of Feb 27, 2021.

I grew up reading blogs and surfing the web, so the cyberspace feels quite native to me. It's why I do that as a day job. I'm an engineer at Pocket Network, where I do mainly UI Engineering which is what I love the most, and some backend work here and there. Before that I was at Aragon One, where I maintained a few user-facing applications, our open source design system and Javascript libraries. I've been extremely fortunate to work on open source for most of my career. If you'd like to see my code, the "Work" link on the header will take you to my Github profile.

I'm an empathy-driven person. I like understanding other people's feelings, ideas and experiences. It's probably why music hits close to home. I don't make a lot of music nowadays, but I have a lot of unreleased stuff I should put out at some point. I have a Bandcamp page with what's out. I also listen to a lot of music, of any genre. My favorite artists are Tycho, Enya and Judas Priest. I also play bass and guitar.

This blog comes from my neglected love for writing. As a teenager, I was always spinning up and then forgetting blogs in various platforms—the worst of them probably being my Tumblr one—but never got around to making my *own* personal space on the internet. This is what this site strives to be. It's why it isn't so flashy, even if my industry mandates that every developer has an incredible site stuffed with animations and gigabytes of CSS. I could do all of that, but I choose not to. I want to have this blog until I die, available for anyone to discover and see my journey through this weird thing we call life. There's a few things I need to get around to, like publishing my posts to IPFS and archiving them correctly, but one step at a time.

Welcome to my personal internet corner. Have fun! :)


Ah, I love curious people like you. I encourage you to take a tour around this site. You may find some interesting things.

Here are a couple of things you can take a look at:

  • Find out what I'm doing now.
  • Check out my current setup.
  • Check out what I stole  from other sites for this website.