Sunday, analytics and newsletters

February 21, 2021 - 2 minute read

It’s Sunday, and it’s beginning to feel like they’re very much becoming admin days: I take a look at money things, plan the following days, and in general try to relax as much as possible before starting to “sprint” again at work during the week. While there’s a lot of work to do always, having a day to reflect on things is always very good. I am very much looking forward to getting over the hump of the things we’re planning to release very soon though, which luckily, are coming together quite nicely.

Since finishing university I’ve been trying to mix-and-match different routines and hobbies to see what sticks, and turns writing is a thing I really like—It’s not so absorbing as coding, but it’s still something that its quite evergreen, as in, it won’t ever fall out of fashion because humans have been doing this since the first writing system had been invented.

Of course, all of this writing stuff led me to ask a very common, but interesting question:

Who is viewing my site?

So yup, I added analytics to this site. Don’t worry though, I’m using Fathom Analytics, and they’re GDPR compliant and all that jazz, so no need to panic over you being tracked. It doesn’t interest me. I just wanna know basic things such as if this page is actually being seen by someone, and what exactly are they seeing. Analytics are running since last week, and turns out I really should prioritize writing that “setup” page... It’s getting lots of page hits. 😅

I’ve also been preparing some newsletters, as I don’t wanna pour all of my writing, which tends to be either very casual or somewhat technical, in my blog only. This means I’m getting on the newsletter trend. They’re gonna be two—one where I share my notes and the articles I read about web dev stuff, and one that is personal, to talk about the month itself or any other interesting thing, pretty much like every other newsletter on the internet right now. I won’t share sign up links just yet—I prefer to set up everthing in advance instead of having a bunch of people sign up for something that is still only somewhat complete in terms of planning. I’ll take my time, and whenever it’s ready, I’ll share.

I’ve also been collecting different blogs I find cool. Maybe I’ll start a webring with them. Who knows.

So this is what I’ve been doing, apart from learning. What have you been up to?