You might be wondering, what is this even?

I've been trying to re-do my site since some time, but my perfectionism didn't really let me like any of the 15 or so designs I came up with, so I ended up taking layouts, sections, or pages from sites I love to make it. Here are the details:

  • The structure and look of the site is taken mainly from Thord D. Hedengren's and Anders Noren's site. Mainly because I wanted something that feels personal, and also as a some sort of homage as they were the guys that I found online that did cool stuff with the web when I was 15.
  • The journal / blog post format is also from Thord's website. It's a good way to do "microblogging" that feels a bit more personal, and twitter's tone just ain't the one these days.
  • The tone of the site itself is inspired a lot on Liza Shulyayeva's site. Lot's of blogging, sometimes with a personal, sometimes with a technical tone, but always fun.
  • The now page is from  Derek Sivers. I just think it's a cool concept.
  • The weird, non-intuitive and probably rule-violating way of navigating through the site is inspired by the weird website of Josh Avanier. I'm not as hardcore as he is on making websites light, but I do like the personal, maze-like vibe. You gotta make your own space in the internet.