Containers, databases and racing - 

January 31, 2021

I've spent most of the weekend studying Mongo and Redis out of their official docs and Brian Holt's Frontendmasters's course notes. Turns out they're so good / complete that I'm not even watching the videos! Now I'm currently learning my way around containers and the "ops" side of them. I have already some experience in running them for dev environments, but lacked lots of context on how they work. I think that's the case of the majority of front end devs, but it felt weird not knowing too much about them when they've become such a normal part of the process.

Apart from that, the weekend has been pretty normal—Dota 2 and F1 Racing. I just got my first wheel (Logitech G29) and I'm just trying to regain my times, while learning new circuits. Soon I'll have to start messing with setups as right now it seems somewhat impossible to shave off some seconds off some tracks (Australia and Belgium mainly), and I'm still running the stock one... But now, time for the Virtual Austria GP!