January 18, 2021

Finally getting on track for 2021 "intentions" (goals, if you'd like), and they're mostly a continuation of what I had planned for 2020, but stopped due to the pandemic. Mainly getting fit, keep on making music and growing as a developer. As of right now, I'm chugging down an DB course on Frontendmasters.

I've also been trying to organize my time better, as a huge chunk of it is now free, as I finally finished all my university assignments, and I'm finally done with it, forever. A lot of people seem to struggle with it (for what I've been hearing from friends), but honestly, I think it's all about habits and I'm already used to trying to optimize my time. I'm not trying to squeeze every single ounce of producitivity though—I need my time to be lazy and just listen to music. That mainly occurs on weekends, to be fair.