Lifting heavy things

January 24, 2021

So, by now I feel my exercise routine has settled—I can consistently work out for 1h every workday, which is really really nice. Due to a really stressful period lasting a year and a half, I had put on a ton of weight, and it was worsened with COVID happening and me not being able to get running comfortably (we've been on a continuous lockdown for almost a year now). This did, in time, bring out the more sporty side on me, and I finally decided to commit to a full-blown working out routine rather than just plain running. Feels great, even though jogging can be great for thinking. I'm also tracking the workouts on my Apple Watch, and so far it's been a consistent 500-600 calories per session.

Last week I also started my new job at Pocket Network, which is really exciting too—Already fixing stuff and thinking on product problems. Missed that, and happy to get back to it with a team I already know is pretty great.