Sendgrid shenanigans and RSS feeds

February 23, 2021

The SendGrid docs are really really bad. Like, for real. The documentation for their node package is outdated, and it turns out they have a "newer" API—whose documentation is living in their website, completely separate from their node package. All of this made me spend over 2 hours doing a very simple task, which should've been at most 30 mins, which is really annoying to me. But sh*t happens from time to time.

Also, this page now has an RSS feed. You can subscribe to it using your favorite reader. The content's at /rss.xml. I'll find a nicer way to show it's available on the page later. I've also been thinking of ways to be able to just add journal entries from a page—markdown is nice but I'd love to use my iPad for writing these and having to go through the manual Notion -> .md file process. I'll probably figure that out later though (I might just build a script).