This is what I've been, am, and will be up to for the foreseeable future. I last updated this on 27th February, 2021.


  • Currently getting up to speed with the team at my new job, Pocket Network. There are a few product improvements I'm trying to get out of the door, and tons of organizational things we're doing to shift to a more product-first culture.
  • Looking for a designer to join the team, so that we can start building pocketUI, our in-house design system for our products, together.
  • Getting everything for my upcoming dev-focused newsletter set up.


  • Focusing on improving my diet. I work out at least 4 times a week now, and I've already started to feel much better due to it.
  • Still living in the Dominican Republic. It's getting too hot again. Looking for borders to open (for real) so I can have a long trip somewhere.