My setup will change over the years. This is the first iteration of this section that I hope to update for a long time. This means that if you read this, you're early. Yay! Buckle up, as this might get a bit nerdy.

Last updated 28 Feb, 2021.

Every Day Carry

Things that are with me at all times.

  • iPhone 12 Pro, black (with the red leather case).
  • Airpods Pro.
  • Wallet, mainly with cards. Maybe cash.
  • Keys.

I also sometimes carry:

  • My iPad Pro, with its Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. It's where I write, so I call it my "typewritter". Include chargers if I'll be gone a long time.
  • Apple Watch and Airpods Pro pluggable chargers.
  • My Macbook Pro, 2018 15-inch if I'm working from some other place that isn't my home.


I tinker with a lot of different things, even if I only really use my laptop to program. I take stuff such as music, or 3d design to justify owning a bit more hardware.

  • LG Ultrawide 34-inch monitor QHD. Really great for design, especially.
  • DAS Keyboard Ultimate with blank keycaps and brown switches. My biggest flex, really.
  • Shitty MMORPG mouse with like 18 buttons. Comes from a time where I played too much World Of Warcraft and Arma 2 / DayZ, and got used to having a ton of shortcuts on my right hand.
  • I also own some Audio Technica ATH-M20X headphones. They're the best I've ever had and I had the lower-tier model for like 5 years until they broke. This pair has been going for 3 years already. If they break, I'll invest in a wireless pair for travel.


Given that I've learned most of what I know from people that advocate for the open source movement and the world wide web, most of my tools are from that domain as well. I enjoy having tools tailored especially to me, as I spend most of my days inside them. Even though I'm not a "code janitor" by any means, I try to invest in my tools as much as possible.

  • I use Neovim as a text editor. I previously used VS Code, but its sluggishness due to being a heavy electron application made me consider a switch to Vim seriously. After going through my main mentor's guide, I made the switch, and could not be happier. I was not a keybindings guy, but Vim changed my mind.
  • I use tmux to manage my multiple sessions. I have a tendency to look at other projects and recall past code for reference, and tmux serves the purpose really well. Combined with Neovim, it's a really dangerous, high-speed coding combo which helps me lock into flow state.
  • I use Firefox, both the normal and developer edition to test what I do. I'll switch to Safari and Chrome once in a while to see how certain things, like focus states and not-so-well supported styles look from time to time as well. I'd encourage you to use Firefox mainly, though. :)
  • My terminal is Alacritty, which is not acting very well with Big Sur. I don't like the other options though, so I'm staying with it.
  • My shell is ZSH, of course.

Here are my dotfiles, if you wanna see. Sorry for the mess!

Design and Photography

  • Figma is where all things design live, of course. It's a great tool, and the one I like the most.
  • Blender, Spline for 3d work, which I should do more of.
  • I edit my photos primarily with Darkroom.


The iPad Pro is my go to. Is way more enjoyable and feels more natural. Of course, whatever will do the job, so it's mostly a matter of taste. Everything lives in Notion.


I have a Sony 5100 that I take pictures with. I have some lenses to buy, but as it was meant to be a "travel" purchase I delayed ordering them, because, well, COVID. My iPhone takes greats photos as well.


I'd love to introduce more open source software to this list, but there's a convenience factor I don't want to compromise on for now. Here's what gets me through the day.

  • Todoist is my task dump. Keeps me organized and focused.
  • Notion is my knowledge base, second brain, and writing studio.
  • 1Password keeps me safe.
  • Raycast lets me fly around my computer really fast. Check them out.
  • Hey is where my personal email gets redirected to. For my other addresses I use Spark.


  • Spotify for music. Fun fact: I signed up for it the same day they became available at the Dominican Republic, around 7 years ago. That was the first time email was useful for me.
  • Buttondown is what I use for my newsletter, unscripted. Check it out!
  • I, of course, have iCloud as I'm in the Apple ecosystem.